Roof damage repaired promptly and correctly can extend the life of your roof and prevent larger more costly repairs down the road or premature roof replacement.  We specialize in roof inspection and repair of new and old roofing systems, low slope (“flat”) roofing applications, metal roofing systems, natural slate, asphalt shingle, cedar shingle, and specialty roofing systems.  We utilize visual inspection, thermal imaging, and drone surveying to inspect your roof, identify problems, and make the correct repair to solve the problem.  We also inspect and repair roof ventilation systems and apply the appropriate sealants and coatings to roofing systems.


We provide roof inspections and certifications for real estate transactions, including inspection of the roofing system, making any necessary repairs, and certifying the roof meets the borrower’s and buyer’s specifications.


Over the years of weather and aging, your roof deteriorates, discolors, and becomes more vulnerable to damage during severe weather.  We replace your old worn roof with a new roofing system that will protect and enhance the look and value of your home for years to come.  We utilize satellite imagery to accurately measure your roof and recommend roofing materials ideal for your roof application.  We assess all components of a roofing system, not just the products we are installing, but also the components that support and are installed around the roofing system.  We specialize in GAF Lifetime Roofing Systems and offer lifetime warranties for most roofing systems.  We work with insurance companies directly for insurance claims and weather damage.


Our popular Roof Tune-up and Maintenance plans give you peace of mind that your roof is functioning properly and protecting your family, home, and belongings during severe weather.  Having your roofing system inspected annually, identifies and corrects problems early so costly repairs or replacement can be avoided.  Our roof tune-ups include thermal imaging to confirm leaks, general inspection, rain and wind damage, absorbency factor, moisture presence, existing history of leaking, missing components, insulation, venting, soffits, ceiling vents, damaged substrate, nail protrusions, deteriorated sealant, corrosion, rust, interior damage, and recommendation for repairs or replacement.


Every home needs to have maintenance.  It is a lot cheaper to maintain a home than it is to let the property deteriorate and require expensive renovations or repairs to correct the problem.  Our custom service maintenance contracts are tailored to meet your home and lifestyle needs and can cover items such as chimney cleaning, dryer vent cleaning, HVAC duct cleaning, gutter cleaning, exterior caulking and weather sealing.  Our custom service maintenance contracts can also include inspections such as insect damage, insulation value, structural (i.e. decks), mold, and roofing systems.


A new roof protects your home from the weather and improves the look and value of your home.  We design residential and commercial roofing system solutions and are GAF Roofing Master Elite Installers.  Whether you are a homeowner, builder, contractor or architect, we can design the best roofing system for your application and building design.  Our roofing system installations include determining the roof design, selection of roofing materials, roof, trim and flashing installation, sealant applications, and installation of gutter and downspout systems.  We protect your foundation landscaping and cleanup the worksite after installation is complete.  Our complete roofing systems can be guaranteed for the lifespan of your home or office roof.


Maintaining your commercial property roofing system to protect your investment is crucial to safety and your bottom line.  We specialize in maintaining and repairing commercial metal and low slope roof systems including BUR, EPDM, PVC, and torch roofing systems.  Large roofing systems require more frequent inspections.  We follow all OSHA safety standards.   We inspect the property, prepare a detailed quote, and ensure our repairs follow state code and industry standards.



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